Life Basic Training Classes

Class 101: MEMBERSHIP (Introducing NLCC & Commitment to Membership)

All new attendees of NLCC are encouraged to attend Class 101 on membership, which is offered several times a year. You will discover how to become a Christian (if you haven’t already done so and are now considering it) and how to become a member of the church family here at NLCC.

You will learn about the history and background of our church, our vision for the future, the purposes we are trying to fulfill, as well as the values and convictions that are very important to us.

Completing Class 101 is part of the requirement for church membership with NLCC.

Those who have been attending NLCC for a while and who are already members are also encouraged to attend for a refresher course on what it means to be a Christian and what it means to be a member of this church.

The Life Basic Training Courses taught here at NLCC are designed to give every attendee/member the basic skills that are needed in order to help them grow in the Christian life:

Class 101 – Welcome to New Life

Class 201 – At His Feet

Class 301 – Find Us Faithful

Class 401 – Crosses & Crowns

Note: The Life Basic Training Courses are arranged so that each course builds on the previous course, therefore they must be taken in order.